Timber Timbre — Bad Ritual


serge gainsbourg & brigitte bardot / comic strip

Lupe Fiasco - Switch (The Science Experiement)  


PNC - “Take It All” video

Featuring Jordache, Louie Knuxx, Percieve and Myself. 

Black & white visuals, no chorus. Keep it thoro


jessie ware - running (official music video)

hahahaa 2legit;;;


Sims - Hey You

What a beautiful song.  Doomtree coming through Santa Cruz on Feb 1st… I can’t wait.


Crazy or sane? 

The Mysterious Life of Jerry’s Map

Before Sim City or FarmVille, there was Jerry’s map. In the 1960s, Jerry Gretzinger began drawing a fantastical, growing map of unbelievable scope. It began with just a doodle, but now it takes up almost 2,000 8” x 10” frames.

His meticulous, iterative process intrigued documentary filmmaker Gregory Whitmore, who created this portrait of Gretzinger about two years ago. Very few people saw Mapping the Void, also known asJerry’s Map,until Vimeo’s Staff Picks blog discovered it this summer. Now the video has over 80,000 views, and dozens of comments from fans. Gretzinger posted his reaction on his blog in August, writing, “Wow! Thanks, Vimeo!”